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   Rev. Ron Mateer


Pentecost 18

October 8, 2017


As Paul begins what we call Philippians 3, it quickly becomes apparent that like so many of the congregations in the early church, the congregation in Philippi had come into contact with a group of Jewish teachers who were proclaiming that salvation would come only to those who followed certain strict rules, the chief one of which was that all males had to be circumcised. Paul in a brief but effective way tells the Gentiles in Philippi that he was a very good Jew, one of the best, but none of that is important after meeting Jesus Christ. The only thing that really matters is to know Jesus Christ. Paul knew for sure that salvation is by grace alone. Paul is sharing out of a very personal encounter with Christ which rocked his world and set him on his current path. Now he is dioko, serving Christ, in Philippians 3:6, 12, and 14, not the Law and he is intent on teleio, finishing the race, in 3:12. (The only use of that verb in Paul's writings.)



It is race day for NASCAR - 1 A.D., the National Association of Sport Chariot Racing, the most popular sport of the 1st century. There you stand in a gold trimmed white chariot dressed in the white shirt and trousers, the colors of one of the favorite NASCAR teams. Your ...

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